The late R. L. Pope described Fair Grove Church in it’s very first year of existence in the 1828: “The spreading oaks that stand like silent sentinels about this churchyard have been putting forth their bud in springtime and dropping their yellowed leaves in autumn for more than a century and are the remnant of a mighty forest that once covered this whole countryside. Through these years, they have provided a sheltered spot for the gathering of many generations. The have felt the fury of the storms and the pull of the sun’s gentle rays. Here, the people came to make this a center of social and religious activity. For here, in 1828, a company of spiritually-minded people built a house for the worship of God.” Mr. Pope’s description in the 19th century is still fitting today.
In the 21st century, Fair Grove Church is still home to “spiritually-minded people” who come together in various ways to worship God, serve our fellow man, and fellowship with each other. The doors to our “house” and hearts is not just open on Sundays, but almost every day of the week with several diverse ministries.
On Sundays, we offer several worship opportunities: worship service at 11:00am and Sunday School at 9:45 am. We have an active United Women in Faith group that meets monthly to worship and participate in missions. Our children’s ministries (Kids Own Worhip) and Youth participate in many worship and service opportunities. We also support community groups/organizations like the Fair Grove Family Resource Center.
Fair Grove Church – 182 years and counting! Mr. Pope’s concluding remarks live on today, “…many people and incidents have made Fair Grove a glorious page in this community’s history…it has influenced the lives of many generations…To future generations: May the same exalted motives and high purposes that characterized those from whom we have received so rich an inheritance attend us as we enter upon the worship of God in this temple built…for His Service and Glory.”

In 2024,  we embark on a new and exciting journey for our church as we join the Global Methodist denomination. We look forward to worshipping and serving God together and all that He has planned for our church family and community.