Upcoming Dates


Sunday Sept 21st – Homecoming.   Service begins at 10:45am (no 9am service) with cover dish lunch following service.  Rev Stephen Blair will be our guest speaker.

All are welcomed to come.  Bring a cover dish and stay for lunch!

Senior Party

On August 24th, the Lucy Girls honored Seniors by hosting a cookout lunch of grilled hot dogs and hamburgers with the trimmings. A 1944 video of Thomasville played and also everyone sang along with Jim Reeves “Precious Memories”. Let’s not forget BINGO!! Everyone won at least one prize.

Thank you to the Youth for helping with table set up and to the Lucy Dudes for grilling out our burgers and hot dogs.

A Senior party has been annual event for a few years now and sponsored by the Lucy Webb Hayes Circle (aka The Lucy Girls) who are members of the United Methodist Women.


Christmas in July at Libertywood

On July 18th, we were honored to host a Christmas in July party at Libertywood Nursing Center for their residents. Christmas Shoe Boxes were distributed with items such as toiletries, games, books, etc.

Thank you to the Libertywood staff,and FGUMC volunteers for their time and FGUMC families who provided the items for the shoe boxes.


Vacation Bible School 2014

Kids learned the Jesus’s love is one-of-a-kind. He created unique individuals as well as animals. Kids learned cool songs (which they sang one on Sunday 7/20), science stuff, and how to spot God sightings. Nightly offerings were given to the Davidson County Humane Society. VBS ended with a trip to the Greenboro Science Center (www.greensboroscience.org) where kids got see gabons, tigers, snakes, two headed turtle, penquins..etc..all unique animals created by God. Their favorite we believe was touching stingrays.

Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped with VBS!


Fair Grove United Methodist Youth — Doing Something

As Christians wanting to serve Christ in a tangible way, the youth of Fair Grove United Methodist Church
(FGUMC) felt compelled to not just merely pray for people desperately in need, but to go out into the
world and be the hands and feet of Jesus to them. To accomplish this goal, FGUMC youth and college
students spent a full year conducting several fundraisers to raise finances to support a mission trip. And
in late June, they spent a week of their summer break in Atlanta, Georgia, to serve poverty-stricken and
homeless people there. The effort was coordinated through and led by the nonprofit group “7 Bridges to
Recovery.” The organization’s mission is to rescue brothers and sisters off the streets and help them
break the bonds of homelessness, alcohol, drugs, sexual addictions, prostitution and abuse.
While in Atlanta, FGUMC youth mission participants prepared over 500 bag lunches each day and
personally delivered the meals to individuals, praying for and ministering to each person receiving a

Their continued inspiration and motivation to serve in similar ways can be summed up in a verse from the song entitled “Do Something” by Matthew West: “I’m so tired of talking about how we are God’s hands and feet; but it’s easier to say than to be. Live like the angels of apathy who tell ourselves it’s alright, somebody else will do something. Well I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of life with no desire. I wanna be the one who stands up and says, I’m gonna do something.”

On July 13th, our Youth, Youth Mentors and their Leaders shared their experiences and thoughts of their mission trip to Atlanta. Here are a few of the participants. Mission pictures coming soon! We are very proud of them.